Monday, September 30, 2013


So...Prepare Yourself and your family...spiritually, mentally, and physically. The most overlooked for people is physical let's start there again...with my suggestions.

Injuries happen in emergency situations and almost always at the wrong time. After talking with several combat medics here are the basics needed to treat serious injuries and buy time...

Each individual in a family should have in their personal trauma kit the following links are the easiest/cheapest I could find:

1. Celox Gauze 10' x 3" (1 Roll)
On sale for $19 a roll right now.

2. 6" Israeli Bandage w/ Sliding Pad (2 ea)

3. Combat Action Tourniquet

4. SAM Splint Combo Kit w/ Corban (There are 2 but 1 per person)

6. Triangular Bandage (Military Cravat)

7. Rausch Asherman Chest Seal (1 ea)

As part of a normal commercial family first aid kit I would add:
1. 3M TransPore Tape (12 1"x10' Rolls)

2. Elastic Bandage Wraps (4 4" Rolls)

3. Tea Tree Oil (2 2Oz. Bottles)
For the many uses of Tea Tree Oil see these links:

4. Dental Emergency Kit (there are many here is one good example)

5. Corban Wrap (10 4" Rolls)

As always let me know your thoughts and comments.

Semper Paratus,


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