Wednesday, September 18, 2013


So...Prepare Yourself and your family...spiritually, mentally, and physically. The most overlooked for people is physical let's start there again...with my suggestions.

1.  Filtering Water -  It is always good to have both a portable and a bulk water filtration system:

MSR Sweetwater Portable -

This lever action system is highly reliable, easy to clean and store, lightweight, and can literally be used anywhere.  I have owned one for over 15 years and only had to replace the filter once.  I have used it in places with brown brackish swamp water all the way up to glacial streams.  Never a problem and the pre-filter keeps out all the big stuff making the internal filter last longer.

Berkey Filters -

This is considered a must have by many because this is the most reliable fastest way to filter water in bulk for a family.  A simple design and proven reliability means this will last a lifetime.  I recommend the Big or Royal sizes and to buy a set of extra filters.

2.  Accessing Water -  4-Way Sillcock Key
You can purchase this at Home Depot -

Almost never thought of but extremely important is being able to access water supplies in a time of emergency.  A cheap investment at around $5 this key can get you access to water from almost any public source.

As always I welcome your thoughts!

Semper Paratus,


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