Saturday, August 31, 2013

As part of my continuing posts based on the 8 Points of what we all should be doing:
To review...
1. Pray/Repent
2. Do What We Say We Believe
3. Quit Going to the Government for Our Needs
4. Owe No One Anything
5. Prepare Yourself
a. Spiritually
b. Mentally
c. Physically (The 4 S's)
i. Get in Shape
ii. Learn Self-Defense
iii. Learn to Shoot
iv. Small Group Tactics
6. Prepare Your Family

So...Prepare Yourself and your family...spiritually, mentally, and physically. The most overlooked for people is physical let's start there again...with my suggestions.


We are admonished by Jesus to love our neighbors. Immediately following that statement a lawyer asked him "who is my neighbor." Jesus answered with the account of the Good Samaritan. We cannot love our neighbors if government is doing it for us. Disasters of all kinds do happen so it is good to be prepared not only to help your own family but your neighbors as well. Having food and sundry items stored up is like buying insurance.

The below reflects the best prices I have found and with Freeze Dried foods Thrive local dealers will beat Costco.
The following as an "at a minimum" list:

1. 300 lbs. of Wheat Straight from Local Farmer
2. 250 lbs. of Rice Costco/URM Cash & Carry
3. 250 lbs. of Non-Iodized "Rock" Salt Costco/URM Cash & Carry
4. 100 lbs. of Pinto Beans Costco/URM Cash & Carry
5. 80 lbs. of Pankcake & Biscuit Mix URM Cash& Carry
6. 75 lbs. of White Sugar Costco
7. 75 lbs. of Pasta URM Cash & Carry
8. 50 lbs. of Powdered Milk or Milk Alt.
9. 50 lbs. of Baking Soda Costco
10. 25 lbs. of Brown Sugar Costco
11. 1yr Supply Freeze Dried Fruit/Veg.
12. 1yr Supply TP & "Female" Items Costco
13. 1yr Cleaning Supplies & Soap Costco/Walmart
14. Breathing Washer
15. 1yr Jars & Canning Supplies (200 ea) Winco/Bi-Mart
16. 1 Acre/2 Growing Season Seeds Costco or Amazon
-(Costco = Non-GMO Heirloom Garden Seeds - 2 Gal. Bucket)
-(Amazon = Heirloom Emergency Survival Seeds - 505,000 Seeds)
-1 Can of Culinary Herb Seeds
-1 Can of Medicinal Herb Seeds
-4 Packets Tobacco Seeds
-(2 each of Connecticut Broadleaf and Greenwood)
-40 Seed Potatoes Local Garden Center
-Apple, Raspberry, Elderberry Seeds Local Garden Center
17. 10 Gal. of Honey Local Apiary
18. 4 Cases (#10 Can) Drink Mix/Cocoa
19. Spices (Lots)
-Winco = Bulk Spices (can be stored in hermetically sealed jars)
- = Pre-packaged (shelf life over 15 years)
20. 10 lbs of Yeast Costco

For bulk foods you can buy buckets, mylar bags, gamma lids, and oxygen absorbers at Winco (back by the bulk spices). I strongly recommend using gamma lids. They are tried proven and can be re-sealed. Search the internet on how to properly store each item. For example, Sugar usually doesn't need oxygen absorbers. For the pasta and seeds use a vacuum sealer. Store the wheat in an old pickling barrel (you can buy these at Big R, but check the seal) with oxygen absorbers. Also, another handy item to have to repair things is an Awl for All.

As always I welcome your comments.

Semper Paratus,


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  1. Hi Matt! I frequently buy from Azure Standard which is just over the border in Wasco and Dufur, OR. They mostly have organic/non-GM food, their own farm and have drop spots over much of the country. I'm lucky enough to live close enough to pick up my goodies!
    In lieu of 'cleaning supplies', I recommend stocking up on vinegar, which is an all purpose, natural cleaner.
    For brown sugar, make your own using molasses and white sugar.
    And the diva or moon cup is a good feminine product that produces no waste. And look into the 'family cloth'. I admit, even I haven't gone there yet!
    Thanks again for a great list and suppliers,
    Amanda Richards