Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Why don’t the Democrats talk about Issues?

Well there they go again… the Spokesman Review for the 7th time has written a hit piece against me and is now effectively campaigning for my opponent. What did I do to raise their ire? I doorbelled my opponent’s precinct at 16th & Carnahan including her house, and posted that fact on Facebook with a thank you to all those I met there and who support my campaign. That is now an act of intimidation? How laughably ridiculous…especially since there was no mention of the fact that this is the newest precinct added by redistricting, one that I had never doorbelled before. No mention of the fact that in 2008 I doorbelled both of my opponents along with 20,000 other friends and neighbors.

In truth, the Spokesman Review is trying to rehabilitate a radical pro-choice socialist who just got trounced in the Primary. They are trying to distract people from the fact that the Democrats don’t have plan and that 10 years of Democrat control have brought us an unbalanced budget, out of control spending, and higher unemployment.

Why don’t Democrats talk about the issues? Well they can’t so they attack people. Expect more of this, unfortunately, as November approaches.

The real issue of this election is how we are going to get government out of the way of small businesses so we can get Washington working again. People of the 4th District supported my campaign 60% to 40% in the primary because my message is simple”lower taxes, less government, and more freedom.” That combined with”get government to live within its means, just like all of us,” is the message I consistently hear as I go door to door. I am honored to take these principles to Olympia and fight to make them a make a reality, even at the risk of continual misrepresentation and targeting by the Spokesman Review.

We as Americans stand resolute on principle and expect our leaders to do so as well.
We expect our leaders to love America and Washington State more than themselves and their political ambition. We expect our leaders to focus on the task at hand…and that is fighting to save our way of life, like the many generations before us, so that our kids and our grandkids might live in peace, and prosperity and freedom.

As an American who served his country on two battlefields overseas, who has seen the bloody sacrifice of our patriots up close and personal…honoring that sacrifice by taking up the fight to save our way of life is the least I can do.

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