Wednesday, October 10, 2012

After 2 debates with my opponent here is how my race in the 4th District is shaping up so far

-I am for the 2/3rds vote requirement to raise taxes;
-I am pro-life;
-I am against the implementation of Obamacare which according to the Washington Policy Center will cost small businesses over $30 Billion dollars to implement;
-I support the right to bear arms (I have an A+ rating from the NRA);
-I am pro-traditional marriage; and
-I have authored and will reintroduce an amendment to the State Constitution requiring a balanced budget be passed by the legislature.
Nearly 65% of the 4th District agrees with my stance on all of those issues.
Also, all the negative campaign hit pieces by my opponent have been shown to be patently false (yes the Washington State Supreme Court actually ruled lying in campaign pieces is allowed...a very sad commentary on politics today).

Clearly it is hard to attack my 100% voting record for small businesses and private property rights and my endorsement by the Washington Council of Police and Sheriffs! My opponent is correct on one thing though, I do not compromise on principle (that's one of the biggest compliments I have been paid in politics).

By contrast my opponent has come out on the opposite side of every issue above during the debates. This means she opposes every major issue 4th District voters support. During a stunning admission at the Valley Chamber debate she actually supports the implementation of Obamacare which will break the backs of our already struggling small businesses.

Character is not determined by accusations but by actions.

In Liberty,

Matt Shea

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